Low cost, low effort garden ideas

  • August 22, 2019

Spring has sprung and now is the time to give your investment property’s garden a facelift! From courtyards to a sprawling garden, even an outdoor space in a rental property can be a deal-maker for many tenants. A place to sit and enjoy the sun, room for the kids to run around or entertain guests, no matter the tenant, a garden is a drawcard, so why not make the space as enjoyable as the home itself?

Investing in a low maintenance garden doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few ideas to turn boring into brilliant on the cheap:

Pot plants

While pot plants aren’t necessarily a lower maintenance option from a watering perspective, they are much easier to replace if your tenants don’t have a green thumb. Use hardy year round plants that suit your climate.

Shade lover: Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) A very popular indoor plant, this glossy-leafed beauty thrives in a warm, bright spot out of direct sun. The white blooms are very long-lasting.

Use natives

This might be a glaringly obvious suggestion but try planting some natives in your garden. They’re built for the climate and are evergreen, leaving the garden looking full all year around. Natives plants are food for native birds, lizards and other wildlife and are easy on water. They’re beautiful and you’d be doing your bit for the environment.


These hardy plants are notoriously hard to kill. Succulents often thrive on being left to their own devices. There are hundreds of varieties and they’re perfect for either in the ground or pots. Succulents come in a range of colours and shapes so you can still have a varied garden that is full of succulents.

Incorporate hardware

Built in furniture

Adding in a bench seat, fire pit or table and chairs is a great way of adding a touch of luxury to a garden. No matter the size of the garden or courtyard everyone likes extra storage and somewhere to sit.


A range of sculptures are available from hardware and garden stores across the country. However if you’re crafty why not create some art for the garden? It’s cost effective and can add an interesting talking point.

A herb box/veggie patch

This is a great way to give your tenants a little something extra. Why not pop in a veggie box or patch and gift them some seeds to get the garden going? A nice personal touch that will encourage sustainability and leave your tenants feeling that you care.


When choosing the best lawn for your investment property sometimes a chat with the experts is best. With literally hundreds of options there will be a perfect lawn for the climate and needs of your exact garden. Another option is to lay astroturf. Astroturf is evergreen, never needs water and is perfect for smaller spaces. 

And finally, if the property has already has a beautiful garden you want to make sure it’s maintained well, look into installing an irrigation system or think about hiring a gardener. 

Hopefully this post has your creative juices flowing. Please tag :Different in any of your garden renovation photos on Facebook, we’d love to see what you’ve done.

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