Landlord Pain Spotlight

  • July 4, 2019

In our Landlord Pain Spotlights we uncover the biggest issues landlords are facing right now. We deal with rental properties day in and day out and it’s our mission to create a world where landlords live in peace with their tenants AND property managers – yes, we believe such a world is possible!

Pain #1: How to save on $$$ but not on service

Like many things in life, traditional property management tends to follow the rule where the more you pay, the more you get. So goes the theory that if you are paying less than average for your property manager then you must be receiving below average service.

“How can you charge such a low, flat rate and yet still offer a comparable (if not, better) service?”

We get asked this a lot. And fair enough, at such a fair price we would be skeptical too. At :Different, our biggest priority is keeping our customers happy. Having a low, flat fee is just one of the many ways we achieve this.

For traditional agencies, property management is a very profitable, recurring revenue stream.

  • Property management fees make up ~50% of revenues for most agencies
  • Typical property managers earn around $60K and manage ~150 properties.
  • When real estate agents sell their companies, they are valued on the basis of their rent rolls.

Because they charge such high fees, traditional property managers can afford to be inefficient and hire property managers cheaply.

The :Different model:
People & technology working together

Our goal is to provide unparalleled service, at a much lower fee. That’s how our customers save $1200/year on average with us (and love us!).

To do this, we started with a clean sheet of paper, and built a proprietary property management platform that automates a lot of the work that traditional agents need to do manually today.

Our technology works 24×7, doesn’t need to take a vacation and doesn’t demand a paycheque. It also doesn’t forget to follow up on what needs to be done.

Currently we have a tenant app and owner portal, giving both landlords and tenants access to their :Different property manager at a touch of a button. This means tenants feel heard and looked after while landlords can stay on top of any requests, payments and bills without needing to pick up the phone or send an email.

Smart technology is great but we know it only goes so far. A truly great property manager needs amazing people to make the right decisions and provide care. That’s why we hire only the best, experienced property experts to take care of the important things such as leasing, maintenance and day-to-day requests.

We are more efficient in everything we do and we pass those savings back to you.

At :Different we believe in offering our landlords a fair price, but we will never do this at the cost of good service. We are :Different because our customers love us and we want to keep it that way!

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