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  • January 4, 2019

At :Different, we like to communicate with our owners and tenants regularly and keep them up to date on what’s relevant and important to you. We firmly believe email isn’t the best way to do this, and we’ve been exploring ways to make communication easier and better for everyone.

That’s why, just before the holidays,  we released a new maintenance feature that gives property owners one-click access to view, approve and get more information about maintenance requests directly from a phone or computer. Now, when your tenant files a maintenance request through the app, the team at :Different can review it and either resolve it or send it through to you, if we believe it’s a valid request.

This means that when you get a request for maintenance, you can feel confident it’s been reviewed by our team first, and includes as much information as possible to help you make a decision on next steps.

If you are not with :Different just yet, here are some screenshots of our beta version so you can see what it looks like:

Once you’ve confirmed a request, your tenant will automatically be notified in their app about next steps, and when a tradie is assigned, they’ll get that update as well.

The history and information about maintenance requests is shared across our system, which means that at any given time, owners, tenants and the :Different team, all have access to exactly what’s happening at that moment. No need for time-consuming follow-up phone calls, or wondering what’s happening with a request and if it’s being looked into.

We would to thank all our beta testers who participated and gave us really valuable feedback and suggestions to help us fine-tune this exciting new functionality.

If you would like to find out more about this maintenance feature, and why our property management is :Different, just get in touch by clicking on the “Get a demo” button below.

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